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NFL Films Top 10 - Discover The Best Films

NFL Films top 10 is a list of the top ten films on YouTube. NFL Films is one of the most successful online film production companies with nearly ten million YouTube views a year. They are very talented and I mean that in a good way. They provide high quality and entertaining films that feature some of the best players from the Super Bowl to local college players. Some of their videos are a little over produced, but overall they are an excellent company for anyone to use.

To make the NFL Films top 10, they first select a film or series of films. Then they sort through all of the clips, putting together a simple formula. First the top ten is chosen then the twenty-second, and so on until all the films have been selected. Each of these films then receive equal coverage in the videos by their own directors, followed by general highlights. Some of these videos may be over the top, while others may not be completely great. For example, one of their best clips that was ranked as the #4 film has three women nude dancing on a wooden plank.

There are a lot of different videos on the list. Some of them may have the “top” over others, but the talent is there to rank well in the top ten. I would watch one of these films in its entirety because each film is different, as well as the personalities involved. I would also watch the videos before I make my choice. As I said, the NFL Films top ten is an easy one to make and not nearly as difficult as it seems.