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Top 10 Romance Anime

This article lists the top 10 romance anime, among other anime that have been incorporated with romance. These top anime are characterized by the speed of emotions, emotion and romance, while being realistic. To those who watched anime in the past, these romance anime can be very exiting and even entertaining to watch for a few episodes. However, many viewers may not keep on watching such shows. In order to appeal to more viewers, top anime should have an interesting plot, character development, and interesting background stories.

One of the top anime, which has long been recognized as one of the top romance anime, is Love Hina, a show that is about a high school student named Hiro and his best friend Minato. The story starts from their awkward relationship when they both wanted to join the football team but didn’t. Their bond developed by those who began to join the school and their eventual becoming the best of friends. And in Love Hina, the romance doesn’t stop at friendship. The romance also became a big part of the plot and even the characters’ relationship is based on it.

Another one of the most popular romance anime in the industry is K-On, also known as the girl’s version of Neon Genesis Evangelion. But unlike the previous one, Love Hina, K-On is different. Unlike the other anime that were commonly referred to as romantic, this is a comedy anime, which puts more of a focus on the comedy aspect. The main characters are funny and full of energy. Therefore, it makes the show fun to watch for all the viewers.