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How to Start the Party at Mirage Voyage

The Mirage Voyage at Disney World is a fantastic family experience, and it would be very hard to pick out one of the elements that make it such a great vacation. The first thing that makes this tour so popular is the cost. Walt Disney World vacations are not cheap, and the Mirage Voyage at Disney World takes it up a notch. The cruise ship itself is even cheaper than the average Disney vacation, but it does not end there. There are plenty of unique and special touches that make the cruise a truly memorable event.

While the Mirage Voyage at Disney World is a fantastic vacation for any family, the best part is probably the start of the party. The cruise ship starts off at Port Canaveral and continues to the next port, or sometimes two ports away from Disney World. This is an opportunity for guests to party their way across the country. The action starts early, and guests can expect to meet fellow guests, make new friends, and take in the sights while sailing down the Mississippi River. Guests also have the opportunity to watch some of the best fireworks displays in the world.

The second step of the Mirage Voyage at Disney World is the day before the party. Guests get to eat and relax on board, then board the ship back to Disney. Then all of the guests can walk down Main Street and enjoy the decorations and festivities in town. The cruise ship tour will then stop at a variety of different cities throughout the country, making it fun for children and adults to visit the places where their favorite Disney characters are. After dinner, the guests are allowed to party right on board the ship until late in the evening, with plenty of events and shows that entertain them all night long.